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About Lisboa Caffe

About Lisboa Caffe


Lisboa Caffé started in October 2015 as a team of Portuguese natives who enjoy sharing their culture with the people of Brisbane. This Portuguese food project aims to introduce some of Portugal’s gourmet icons into the Brisbane international food scene, and the Portuguese custard tart was chosen to be our anchor product.


After a year of trialling the concept and product at some of the best farmers markets in Brisbane, the project gathered enough support and following to expand to large events and shopping centre pop-up shops. The offering at the moment consists of an exclusive range of sweet and savoury gourmet tarts.


“Lisboa” was chosen as part of our brand name, as it is the Portuguese word for Lisbon, which is the capital city of Portugal and the most visited city in the country. The “Caffé” component of the business was planned to be implemented in a later stage, and we’re proud to say we have some amazing news coming soon.